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AlRasool Islamic Center
Hadith Of The Day
Imam Muhammad Baqir [a] told Jabir: "Is it enough for a person to (merely) embellish (oneself) as a Shi`ah (follower) by professing love of us, Ahlul-Bayt? Nay! By Allah, a person is not our follower except the one who fears Allah and obeys Him. O` Jabir! Our followers are not recognized save by humility; submission; honesty; praising Allah abundantly; fasting and prayers; filial devotion; attending to the poor, needy, debtors, and orphans who live near him; saying the truth; reciting the Qur`an; withholding the tongue from people except for benediction; and being trustworthy for relatives in any affairs..." Al-Kafi, vol. 2, p. 74
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Ahlul Bait (A.S.)

Golden Words of Imam Ali (A.S.)

Short Introduction of Imam Ali (A.S)

Name: Ali

Title: Amiral Momineen (Leader of the believers)

By name: Abul Hassan,Abu Toraab, Asadollah

Father: Abu Talib ibne Abdul Motalleb

Mother: Fatima binte Asad

Date of birth: 13 Rajab 23B.H

Place of birth: Inside Ka’ba. Mecca, Arabia

Period of Imamat: 30 years as the first divine Imam

Period of khilaafat: about 5 years

Place of Martyrdom: Mosque in Kufa(while leading morning congregation prayers on 19 Ramazan ,Ali (A.S) was lethally wounded)

Date of Martyrdom: 21 Ramazan 40 A.H

Age: 63 years

Shrine: Najafe Ashraf, Iraq

The best and last Messenger of God has said: “No one could understand Ali except God and myself.”


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