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Hadith Of The Day
The Holy Prophet [s] said: "O` people! Verily, there is no prophet after me, nor any Ummah after you (Muslims). So, take care to worship your Lord, perform your five ritual prayers, fast in the appointed month (Ramadan), make pilgrimage to the House of your Lord (Mecca), give the alms of your wealth in order to purify your souls thereby, and obey the Holders of Authority, so that you enter the Paradise of your Lord." Khisal-I-Saduq, p. 152
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Islamic Laws

Najis (Islamically Ruled Dirty) Things

 1. Introduction 
 2. Urine & farces 
 3. Semen
 4. Dead body
 5. Blood 
 6. Dogs & pigs
 7. Kafir 
 8. Alcoholic liquor 
 9. Beer (Fuqi)
 10. Sweat of animal who persistently eats Najasat 
 11. Ways of proving Najasat
 12. How a pak things becomes Najis
 13. Rules regarding Najasat

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