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AlRasool Islamic Center
Hadith Of The Day
The Holy Prophet [s] said that the disciples of Jesus [a] asked him with whom they should make friends, and he [a] replied: "With one whose presence reminds you of God, his speech increases your knowledge and his deed inspires you (to work righteously for) the next world." Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol. 1, p. 203
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Islamic Laws

Najis (Islamically Ruled Dirty) Things

 1. Introduction 
 2. Urine & farces 
 3. Semen
 4. Dead body
 5. Blood 
 6. Dogs & pigs
 7. Kafir 
 8. Alcoholic liquor 
 9. Beer (Fuqi)
 10. Sweat of animal who persistently eats Najasat 
 11. Ways of proving Najasat
 12. How a pak things becomes Najis
 13. Rules regarding Najasat

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