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Imam Sadiq [a] said: "My father said to me about his father [a] that a man from Kufah wrote to his father viz. to al-Husayn-ibn-Ali [a] asking him [a] to imform him of the good of this world and that of the next. Then, he [a] wrote (in his reply): `In the Name Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful`. After that: `Verily, he who seeks the pleasure of Allah even while displeasing people, He suffices him in his affairs with people. But, he who seeks the pleasure of people while Allah is displeased, he leaves him to people (and he will be far from His Grace), Wassalam`." Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol. 71, p. 208
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Our Hussain (a.s), Mourning him and his Karbala

It is accepted to the Islamic nation, due to the finality of the Prophethood and its particular concerns, that the holy prophet (s.a.w) had the knowledge about the wars, trials and that which happened to his family-house hold, their progeny, and relatives, more or less, of the enormous tragedies, of the dark surprises of time, of the hard events, wide killings, and to whatever else that has entered on them from torture, trickery, ill-treatment, capture and imprisonment. More...

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