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AlRasool Islamic Center
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The Holy Prophet [s] said: "O` people! Verily, there is no prophet after me, nor any Ummah after you (Muslims). So, take care to worship your Lord, perform your five ritual prayers, fast in the appointed month (Ramadan), make pilgrimage to the House of your Lord (Mecca), give the alms of your wealth in order to purify your souls thereby, and obey the Holders of Authority, so that you enter the Paradise of your Lord." Khisal-I-Saduq, p. 152
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Our Hussain (a.s), Mourning him and his Karbala

It is accepted to the Islamic nation, due to the finality of the Prophethood and its particular concerns, that the holy prophet (s.a.w) had the knowledge about the wars, trials and that which happened to his family-house hold, their progeny, and relatives, more or less, of the enormous tragedies, of the dark surprises of time, of the hard events, wide killings, and to whatever else that has entered on them from torture, trickery, ill-treatment, capture and imprisonment. More...

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